"Cobras I & II"

"Cobras I & II"


Completed 2016


Painting dimensions 18 x 24 acrylic on gessoboard


In 1946, Jack Woolams in Cobra I, and Tex Johnston in Cobra II departed Niagara Falls and flew west to Cleveland, Ohio to compete as a team at the 1946 Thompson Trophy Races.


On August 29, Woolams qualified Cobra I at 392.7mph, while Johnston qualified Cobra I at a blistering 409.1 mph. Woolams returned to the "Skylanes Unlimited" base, and by late August 30, had a new engine installed. He took the Racer out over Lake Ontario for a test flight, and died after crashing into the lake at over 400mph. It was thought that the extra torque from the modified engine and propeller caused the rear fuselage to twist and air pressure at the high speed combined to cause the canopy wind screen to implode into Woolams.


On September 3, Tex Johnston in Cobra I went on to win the 300 mile long Thompson Trophy race at an average speed of 373 mph. Tex Would go on to Fame as one of Boeing's finest test pilots, and famous for his barrel rolls of the -80/707 prototype over the Lake Washington Hydro Races.


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