Portraiture Steve Cox is renowned for special projects. Such things include commissioned 
portraits of leaders, friends, and loved ones. Portraits capture the memories and emotions found in the personal details of the subject, presented in an extraordinary way that is appreciated for a lifetime. Trust Steve Cox to step you through the process, listen to your ideas, and set your expectations for something extraordinary. The art of portraiture is a special gift. Contact Steve through the phone number listed on this website for more information 
on how these exceptional works can honor the great people in your life. Commissioned Works
Whether the portrait is meant to be a refection of the subject's leadership, personality, 
or classic remembrance, trust Steve to deliver a satisfying composition that conveys appreciation and realism. Click through the above gallery of commissioned portrait subjects 
that reflect the award winning artist's career of care and attention. The Process Starts with a Call See your ideas put on canvas. Contact Steve Cox to learn more about having something truly extraordinary as part of your aviation collection. Works & Galleries

Post-1938 to 1989

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Post-1989 & On

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