Commissioned Works Commissioned works of airplanes, 
scenes and portraitures. Commissions There is long-lasting, pride and quiet satisfaction in seeing your ideas made into tangible things. From beautiful views of airplanes in serene scenes, to the intensity of a dramatic story, your ideas when placed in the hands of the artist, go from the light and shades of the sketch, to the sure steps toward color, texture and realism. Scroll below for a view into the process. The Plan and the Sketch A great image comes from a great story... Your words, shared ideas, a sketch that captures the moment.
The Painting A great image comes from a great story... from your sketch Steve adds light, 
shadow, hues and motion that becomes a story you can enjoy and take pride in for the rest of your life.

"Midnight Express" Completed in 2017, is a Steve Cox tribute to the men and women honored in "Project Welcome Home" and the park dedicated to the Veterans of the Vietnam War at the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington. This painting was featured at the event and included crew signatures and print copies for participants.

The Process Starts with a Call See your story put on canvas. Contact Steve Cox to learn more about having something truly extraordinary as part of your aviation collection.
Portraiture Steve Cox is renowned for special projects. Such things include commissioned portraits of military, corporate, friends and family members. Companies, teams, families, and friends rely on Steve to take the time to listen to their descriptions, the emotions and intended responses of capturing the detail, likeness, and realism of his subjects. Trust Steve Cox to step you through the process, listen to your ideas, and set your expectations for something extraordinary. Click on the following link to learn more from the artist on these special gifts: Commissioned Portraiture. Works & Galleries

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