"Reynold's Bombshell"

"Reynold's Bombshell"


Completed 2017


21" x 31" Acrylic on gessoboard


Original available for purchase


After reading the article in "Warbirds International" about the around the world flights of the "Reynolds Bombshell", it became another must paint project.


In 1947 Milton Reynolds (ballpoint-pen mogul) agreed to finance and participate in an attempt to beat Howard Hughes' 1938 around the world record flight, which covered 14,824 miles in 3 days, 19 hrs. and 14 min., with a flying time of 71 hrs. 7 min. William P. Odom would be Pilot in command, Tex Sallee navigator, and Reynolds a passenger/financier/publicity hound. Odom had purchased a war surplus, near 0 time Douglas B-26B Invader, the fastest long range, twin engine aircraft of its day for the record attempt. On 12 April , they departed La Guardia Field. The flight covered 19,899 miles, in 3 days, 6 hrs. 55 1/2 min., with a flying time of 62 hrs., 46 1/2 min., beating Hughes' record  significantly. In this scene I've shown a fictional North American T-6 camera ship filming a portion of the flight for the news reels.


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